About Hannah & Flydidee (pronounced FLY-did-dee)

At my wedding. Couldn't resist!I was born and raised in a storytelling family. Where we went, a camera went too. I can remember being a toddler and digging around my grandparents' camera bag, helping them lug around the giant camcorder, and heavy Minolta 35mm camera. With a dad in sales and advertising and a mom who majored in Journalism and works as a designer, artful storytelling is in my veins. Just growing up with my family laid the foundation for what I do today.

I began video editing in the summer of 2005. We had just bought a new computer, and after discovering some video editing software, I decided to try it out. Self-taught, I made my first DVD, and the rest is history.

In high school, I took as many digital media/video editing classes as I could, as well as gaining design experience being elected Senior Editor for our yearbook. I edited video of my high school basketball games into highlight reels for the girls on the team to keep and enjoy. I revisit my high school and home church frequently, hired to capture plays, graduations, services, and concerts.

I am a graduate of Illinois State University, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts Technology and a minor in Cinema Studies. I’ve taken multiple video and digital media classes and was employed for two years as the video editor for ISU’s College of Education. I received 1st place at the Bloomington-Normal Film Festival in 2007 and had video work shown in ISU’s Art Gallery in 2009.

So, what is "Flydidee"? I am told that when I was 2 or 3 years old and just learning to speak, I called butterflies "flydidees." I seemed to only call them flydidees for quite some time, and even some of my family members began to adopt the new name. When deciding on a name for what I do, I picked Flydidee because of it's origin. I've always found beauty in the life and virbance of butterflies, and that is something that carries over into my creative vision. I treat each project like it's a unique "flydidee"; all so different, vibrant, lively and beautiful.