As their priest mentioned in the ceremony - we couldn't remember a more beautiful early July day! The weather was glorious for Kathryn and Kyle, who tied the knot on Saturday the 9th.

We started out our day with them at the historic Mark Twain Hotel (a place we'd definitely recommend!), where Kathryn and Kyle both got ready, totally calm, completely collected, all smiles. The ceremony was at Sacred Heart and it was absolutely beautiful. Loved hearing the church bells ring before and after the service.

Before walking down the aisle, Kyle and Kathryn exchanged letters around the corner from each other. They got to hear each other's voices and hold each other's hands before it was time to hide away before the ceremony. It was such a lovely private moment.

The ceremony itself was very elegant. Favorite moment was definitely Kathryn's long walk down the aisle. She and Kyle couldn't stop smiling.

The reception at the Country Club of Peoria was such a happy affair - and what a view! It overlooked Peoria Lake, and the warm sunshine made everything so welcoming. Not only was a it a fun night for the guests, it was a great night for us! We had a blast working with DJ4U Mobile Entertainment and Nellie Photography.

Congrats Kathryn & Kyle, and thanks for the good time!



We had been in contact with Brittni and Jim for a year before their wedding, all booked and ready to go, so once the day finally came, we were really excited! Rob and I arrived early at Peace Lutheran Church and were all set to film their beautiful ceremony. Brittni and Jim were all smiles throughout. We were really impressed with the two singers that offered their talents for special music during the service. Everything was lovely!

The reception at Jennifer's Garden was classic and comfortable all at the same time. The food was delicious and the party was a lot of fun. Their cake looked delicious too... : ) We hope that they have many years of wedded bliss ahead of them! Congratulations to Jim and Brittni!



STACY + RYAN from Flydidee Films on Vimeo.


The Ranguettes were our very first wedding of the 2016 season. Sam and I got to take a day trip up to Wisconsin for the festivities. Traffic was tolerable (yay!) and the weather was gorgeous!

We arrived at St. Paul's with plenty of time to get set up in the church and get some bridal prep. Stacy's gown was exquisite and her details were divine. The feeling in the room was one of anticipation and joy, punctuated by the cuteness of the kids in the room (we all really enjoyed Ryan's daughter Bree's commentary : )

The ceremony was traditional and lovely. The Lakeside Strings quartet was a beautiful addition to the service, enhancing the most emotional moments with their music. Stacy and Ryan exchanged vows and the new family of four poured the Unity Sand together.

After the ceremony concluded, everyone headed over to Legend of Brandybrook for a beautiful reception. While there were many fun things to remember about the reception (Royce's toast was the big tearjerker!), I think everyone will remember the surprise entrance of the University of Wisconsin marching band after the first dance. That is definitely a first for us! The band played and got everyone pumped up for a night of fun! Shoutout to Faith Photography - we had a blast working with them!

Congrats to Stacy & Ryan!



DANA + KEVIN from Flydidee Films on Vimeo.


Dana and Kevin were our absolute last wedding of 2015 - and technically, a little bit of our first of 2016.

Set at Loews O'Hare, we rang in the new year with the O'Malleys! Edgy, fun, and modern, these two had a beautiful venue and a blast of a party. It was a meeting of two worlds - Chicago North Siders and Chicago South Siders, and everybody had a great time.

My favorite part of the reception was their cake. Peeking out from the killer Chicago skyline was Spiderman. So cute!

Everybody danced the night away until the clock struck midnight, and everyone welcomed 2016. I was happy to get to do the same with my husband working alongside me, as well as our good friend Megan from Lemon Twist Images. Cheers to the happy couple!



ETHAN + ANNIE from Flydidee Films on Vimeo.


With Ethan and Annie's wedding, it was all in the details. These two worked with the weather (which did not permit them the outdoor ceremony they desired) and transformed their reception room beautifully into the woodsy, natural theme they desired. The giant windows let us all see the trees behind them as they stood together under a floral archway to exchange their vows.

The Spring Mill Lodge was transformed - every table decoration was a little different, the sweets table was expansive, and the bridal bouquets were larger than life. Annie and Ethan, who met at Indiana State University, put together an exquisitely sweet, comfortable, and happy wedding celebration.

They both already do amazingly good work in the world with their professions - we wish a world of good of amazing good things in their lifetime together. Cheers to the Sands'!



JANA + SAM from Flydidee Films on Vimeo.


Chills. I get chills when I watch Jana and Sam's wedding film trailer.

They're one of those couples that you instantly like and want to be around. Warm and welcoming, funny and friendly - Jana and Sam. Their ceremony was held at the breathtaking Alice Millar Chapel. You walk in and you're overwhelmed by the beauty of the place. It was the perfect setting for this wonderful happy couple.

My favorite moment was Sam's face when he first saw Jana at the end of the aisle. He couldn't contain his joy.

They had a beautiful ceremony, lit by the glow of the massive windows and huge love of family and friends present to watch them tie the knot. Their vows were heartfelt and earnest. Their elation from that first kiss carried into the entire evening of fun at the reception at DoubleTree Hilton. And as always, we had a blast working with Lemon Twist Images!

Many kind words were spoken (and sung) to the couple before everyone shared a meal and danced the night away. It was a night saturated in happiness and deep, wide love.

Cheers to Jana and Sam! (And to those cute kitties, Punk and Ozzie ; )



MEGHAN + JOHN from Flydidee Films on Vimeo.


When we met with Meghan and John at a Starbucks a few weeks before their wedding, I instantly felt akin to them. Their love story was so similar to my own - they'd known each other since they were kids at school together, and they grew up together as friends and fell in love as they went along.

Meghan and John were clearly reflected in all the details of their day. Everything was classy, warm, and elegant. I started out filming at their house with the ladies, while Sam and Rob began with the fellas up in Chicago. The mood in the air was a very collected excited one - like they were both happy and ready. Side note: Meghan's two piece dress!? AMAZING.

After everyone was ready, we all headed to St. Ignatius, where John had attended school. They did their first look out in a beautiful courtyard and had a lot of fun taking photos on the track and football field. It was really fun to have the city skyline behind us the whole time!

The sanctuary was gorgeous. I don't believe we've ever set up a camera in a church's SECOND balcony! Beautiful ceremony for a beautiful couple, followed by a very fun reception in John's old cafeteria. (You'd never know it to look at it - it was so pretty!)

Everything was lovely, and we wish Meghan and John the very best!



KATELYNN + MICHAEL from Flydidee Films on Vimeo.

I love it when Flydidee weddings stay in the family! Not only did we film the groom's sister's wedding in April of 2013, we filmed the wedding where Michael and Katelynn MET in November 2014!

Michael and Katelynn had such a sweet, happy, comfortable wedding day. We began filming just before the ceremony at St. John Neumann's, and Katie was just beaming, waiting to go down the aisle to her groom. Quiet Michael's glances to Katie throughout the ceremony were clearly indicative of his affection for her.

They threw a gorgeous party at Riverside Receptions. The waterfront hall provided some really unique vantage points that we as videographers can't get enough of. There were many personal touches (and a super gorgeous cake!) and just the right amount of toasts to kick off their evening. Dancing went late into the night thanks to the expert skills of DJ Scandall.

Everything about their wedding was just right - full of happy, full of warmth, full of love. Congratulations to Katelynn and Michael!


TAYLOR + MATT from Flydidee Films on Vimeo.

My connection with Taylor goes back to even before I got married in 2011. Two of our best friends (my husband's college roommate Jeff and his wife Katie) got married three weeks before we did, and as my husband stood up as their Best Man, I captured their day as their videographer. Fast forward four years.

Taylor grew up on the same street as Katie and had seen their wedding video and knew that we would film her wedding day, whenever that turned out to be, even if it was years down the road. And so, when Matt put a ring on her finger, she booked us right away!

Everything about their day was so sweet and thoughtful. There were so many sentimental touches - like beautiful photos of grandparents on her bouquet, and a garter made out of her grandfather's tie. Even the date had meaning, as it was Taylor's parents' anniversary as well.

The ceremony was lovely, with beautiful songs sang by friends, and vows written from the heart. After a grand exit from the First United Church of Christ, they headed off to an evening at Christo's Banquet Center - both venues that hosted Taylor's sister Brittany's wedding five years earlier. I told ya - everything: thought out! : )

It was a lovely hall filled with personal touches. I personally loved the basketball everyone could sign at the entrance, and the awesome sweets table that people could take a goodie bag home from. (I didn't NOT snack on some Swedish Fish while filming the hall...just sayin'.)

We loved their sparkler send-off to seal off a wonderfully happy day. All the best to Taylor and Matt!



ALYSSA + JARROD from Flydidee Films on Vimeo.

We instantly clicked with Alyssa and Jarrod. As soon as Sam found out they're Top Gear fans, we knew we found good people.

Aesthetically, this wedding was a knockout. Every single detail, literally down to the icing on the cake, was not overlooked. I particularly adored their flowers!

Alyssa was absolutely radiant and Jarrod couldn't stop smiling. They are one of those couples who you know loves to tease each other and see what they can get away with saying to the other, because they share such a similar sense of humor.

After a lovely service at Hammerschmidt Chapel filled with personal touches (loved the music from Twin Strings!), the evening events got rolling (literally - so many golf karts!) at the beautiful St. Charles Country Club. And as always, we love shooting weddings with the amazing Megan from Lemon Twist Images!

Cheers to Alyssa and Jarrod!



I love it when high school sweethearts tie the knot. There's this underlying layer of total comfort and ease to couples who have been a pair for years and are taking the next step - which doesn't even have to feel like a big step to them! It's just the right one. I remember that feeling well, as my husband and I were together for 8 years before we got married : )
We met Dan and Kate last year at Dan's sister's wedding, when we filmed for Carrie and Tim. So, we were super excited when we learned we would be continuing our work with the Jilek family! The day began with the preparations with the bride and groom. I followed Kate around and enjoyed the (quite!) warm morning working with Jennifer Shaffer Photography capturing everything. Kate's twin sister Alison was a part of every stage of the morning (and even the adorably handsome family dog made an appearance!). The house was beautiful and bursting with joy. I particularly loved the moment when Kate's bridesmaids saw her for the first time. So many happy tears!
Meanwhile, Sam was over with the guys getting ready with Dan. All the fellas looked sharp in their black bow ties and it was a fun group to be around. The highlight of the morning was when the St. Rita bus pulled up and the driver surprised Dan by bringing along his state champ trophy from his football team in high school. The trophy tagged along with the groom and his groomsmen on the way to the church.
We were familiar with the setup for the beautiful St. Rita church and before we knew it, Kate was walking down the aisle to an ecstatic groom. Kate and Dan were both so happy and so at ease, and they made their vows to each other with total confidence. Father McCarthy even mentioned that Dan may be the very first groom he married that never looked at him during the vow exchange - he only had eyes on Kate. Once they were pronounced husband and wife, they made their grand bubble exit just before the storms hit. Luckily, the worst of it skirted past us and they only had to deal with a little bit of rain during their photo session.
Bill and I went ahead to Odyssey Country Club while Sam tagged along with the couple so that we could get all set up at the hall - what a great place! It felt so grand and so intimate all at the same time. Friends and family filled the room with laughter and conversation as the evening kicked off. Dan and Kate were introduced, cut their cake, and listened to heartfelt and funny toasts given by Kate's dad, Kate's sister, and Dan's brother. And just like that, the rest of the night took place on the dance floor! 
We loved working with such a happy, fun, easy going couple and we wish them every happiness in the future! Congratulations Dan and Kate!


ALBERT + TARYN from Flydidee Films on Vimeo.

Consider this your warning: Go grab some tissues. Not just one - that won't do. Grab a big ol' handful and brace yourself for these two lovelies.

I learned pretty much immediately upon meeting them that Taryn and Albert are both genuinely happy people. Like, down to their bones happy. And it's contagious. Sam and I shot a love story for them before their wedding and got to know them more personally than we typically get the opportunity to. We learned how they fell for each other and how they continually devote themselves to each other daily, and just how happy they are to be together.

I started filming on the morning of July 11 at Taryn's parents house, and could feel the excitement in the air. Taryn was radiant. I gushed and gushed over her dress (UGHSOPRETTY) and had a blast working with photographer Megan from Lemon Twist Images. Once we headed to the church, the girls hid away and the boys came out to play.

Albert is a firecracker, and his friends all match his enthusiasm and zest for life. Peter, Sam and I were all struggling not to audibly laugh when our cameras were recording. I know that all of the grooms I've filmed have been happy and excited for their wedding day, but none quite so visibly as Albert. His joy overflows - to the point that even the priest centered his message around "tears of joy."

The big moment came when Taryn turned the corner and she and Albert saw each other for the first time. I believe everyone witnessing their excitement could feel the energy in the air, and everyone was smiling. Or crying, if you're Albert ;)

Their vows choked us up, as did their big heartfelt kiss. It kicked off an evening of celebration, and we were off to CD&ME in Frankfort to party under the big tent. The decorations were perfect - yellow, bright, happy, beautiful. I especially loved their cake topper - two porcelain birds. Everyone enjoyed an array of toasts before a delicious dinner, and we at Flydidee were stoked to have their Love Story screened for the guests before the dance floor opened up. Ha, "opened up"...more like "totally exploded!" I'm pretty sure that 95% of the guests were dancing at several points in the night - pretty unprecedented! And did I mention that a bunch of them break dance? Yeah. It was an awesome party.

So, have those tissues ready! Congratulations, Taryn & Albert! I have no doubt that you'll love long and so very happily together



NATE + BECKY from Flydidee Films on Vimeo.


Well, this is one we won't ever forget!

Sam and I went to high school with Becky, and have done a lot of theater work with her in that time. So, we were both really pleased to be given the chance to film her wedding day to Nate!

As the big day approached, Peter and I kept looking up the weather forecast. It brought us right back to the days before our wedding (as we also had an outdoor tented reception), and that nail-biting eventually gave way to a little sense of adventure. If it rained, it rained!

And rain it DID. We made it through Becky and Nate's beautiful ceremony at St. Joseph's in Manhattan without a drizzle. The doors swung open, and when Becky saw Nate, she couldn't hold back her happy tears. Their quiet excitement radiated in the front of the church, and it was a very happy ceremony.

We walked outside and watched a thundercloud juuuuust pass us by, and we thought we were in the clear. Everyone headed over to Becky's parents' house for the party, and just as the guests were arriving, the skies opened and the thunder boomed. It could have been one of those moments where you feel like the party was ruined, but that never happened. Everyone just popped off their shoes, rolled up their pants, helped move stuff out of the rain, got a little muddy, and had a grand time doing it. Becky and Nate even commented that they got engaged in the rain, so this was perfect!

Peter and I may have been a little biased, as so many things were reminiscent of our wedding, but we just loved everything. The two of us and Sam had a blast filming everything in the mud, from the wonderful toasts to the late night dancing.

It was a day full of fun, and we loved the whole day! Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Mullins!



NICOLE + NEIL from Flydidee Films on Vimeo.

When I think of Nicole and Neil's wedding, I think of family. I think of the joy of their ceremony, and how many smiles were on everyone's faces with Nicole and Neil's sons walked down the aisle. Aiden hid his face behind the ring pillow, and Mason was taking a snooze in his "Gettin' Hitched" wagon. Everything felt relaxed and familiar, with an underlying glow of excitement for things to come.

Nicole and Neil both wrote their own vows, and exchanged their rings, and marched out of the church beaming with happiness that they were now husband and wife. Everyone blew bubbles as they boarded the baby blue trolley and headed off towards their reception.

The party was a beautiful and informal affair. It felt like a visit back home. Everything made you smile from how lovely the decor was, and the comfort food and good company helped set you entirely at ease. The toasts were heartfelt - particularly from Brian, the bride's father, who had everybody tearing up.

It was obvious that Nicole and Neil were in their element, and were soaking up every minute of their milestone day. They were not shy about smashing cake in each other's faces, and were both all over the dance floor. They didn't even mind that we stopped to dance once or twice! ; )

There's no doubt in my mind that this union will last forever. Congratulations to Nicole and Neil!



Everything about these two exudes class. Gaby is one gorgeous lady, and Blake is her debonair man. 

I met Blake at Zorana and Bryan's wedding back in December. He was their cocktail hour entertainment, and he really made an impression. This guy can sing. Here - check him out!

So, I was really happy to hear from him shortly after about wanting engagement photos! He and Gaby have a sweet and sassy kind of vibe, and they were incredibly photogenic. Can't wait to keep up with their wedding plans as they go along!



STEPHEN + NATHAN from Flydidee Films on Vimeo.


You might say this is a given, as there have been no other weddings yet, but our first of 2015 has been my favorite.

My Uncle Stephen married his partner Nathan in a civil ceremony at the Chicago Cultural Center. (Side note: if you have never been to the Cultural Center, plan a visit.) My brother was their photographer and his fiance was our assistant. We met up with them in the morning to do a quick photo shoot, and the anticipation was palpable. They were excited, but in that very calm way. Like they were ready.

Oh! So. This was our first civil ceremony. My GOODNESS do you have to be on your toes when you shoot one of those! In the moment, Sam and I felt almost frantic in the rush of things - the ceremony lasted 2 minutes and 15 seconds - but upon reviewing the footage (haha) I got to experience just how joyful it was. Only 20 people could attend, and therefore, this was also the most intimate ceremony we'd captured. We got to know everybody, which was such a unique experience. Upon exiting the ceremony into the beautiful GAR Hall, they were greeted with applause from the other wedding parties set to wed that day.

We all headed down Randolph St. to Macy's for lunch in the Walnut Room. Stephen and Nathan headed the table and we all enjoyed a delicious meal together. Their friend Anne gave a fantastic toast, and an afternoon of conversation and photo taking began. Everyone had a really great time, and everyone was so happy for the newlyweds. Especially Thurston, their lanky legged pug.



MELISSA + PETER from Flydidee Films on Vimeo.


Gahhhhh, what a gorgeous wedding!

Seriously. Christmas is my favorite holiday, and weddings are my favorite always. So, this was a great combo for me right off the bat.

My husband Peter and I met with Melissa and Pete a few weeks before their wedding day at a Starbucks and immediately hit it off. We had such a lovely meeting, going over all of their details and chatting about their amaaaaazing upcoming honeymoon to Australia. (It's on our list, someday down the road!)

So, needless to say, we were both looking forward to seeing their day unfold on 12-13-14. Bill joined us as second shooter, and we took in the beauty that is St. Paul's in Chicago Heights. It's actually a church that has some family history for me, so it was really fun to see a wedding take place there. (Years ago, I'd go with my grandparents to the midnight Christmas Eve services there - way back when, they were spoken in German!)

Melissa was absolutely radiant. One of my favorite moments pre ceremony was learning that both of her grandmothers had picked out the exact same dress to wear for the wedding! They were absolutely adorable. Their ceremony went off without a hitch, and it was filled with love and a warm Christmas glow.

Bill followed the couple to a few photo spots (including the bar where Pete proposed!) while Peter and I headed off to Wicker Memorial Park to get establishing shots of the absolutely gorgeous reception site. We could sense immediately just how much effort went into every little detail for Melissa and Pete's celebration. From the cleverly designed chalk boards, to the handwritten ornament favors, every thoughtful detail was executed flawlessly.

Once the room filled with family and friends, the party began! The speeches were heartfelt and humorous, and the first dances were fantastic. Melissa and Pete's dance was inspired by the film Silver Linings Playbook, and they really had a blast. It was a perfect way to kick off a marriage!

The dance floor carried on late into the night. And, for those who opted not to dance, there was a fun photobooth, and a decadent hot chocolate bar that they could visit and enjoy.

Side note: We LOVED working with Catalyst Productions and Conforti Photography - fantastic people, beautiful work!

It was a perfect way to close out our 2014 season. Many congratulations to Melissa and Pete!



ZORANA + BRYAN from Flydidee Films on Vimeo.

Elegant, luxe, and fabulous - those are the words I'd pick to describe Zorana and Bryan's gorgeous wedding day.

This was definitely a big day, so I had Bill and Peter along with me to shoot. I started at Zorana and Bryan's house with the girls, and Bill documented the guys at Bryan's parents house. While everyone appeared relaxed at Zorana's, the energy in the air was palpable. I was jealous of the girls getting to stay in their beautiful robes so long! A highlight of the calm pace of the morning was the presence of Zorana's four chihuahuas. They were all blinged out for the day - SO cute. Everything appeared to go smoothly over at Bryan's parents house too, with the guys kicked back enjoying sandwiches and beers as they got ready.

The ceremony at St. George Serbian Orthodox Church was grand. I've never attended a Serbian Catholic wedding before, and I really was very impressed with the traditions and rituals. Loved the crowns!

The party followed at Centennial Park in Munster. Gorgeous place! And what a fun crowd! After admiring the gorgeous decorations, we enjoyed a fabulous meal catered by Glenwood Oaks. And the cake? Stunning. Loved working with Rich Miller Photo and the fantastic 219 Productions. Once everyone was announced in, Zorana and Bryan cut their cake and settled in for a selection of heartfelt toasts. And then, the dancing began! From slow dances, to the upbeat kolos, it was a party. We had a blast capturing all the fun moments throughout the beautiful day! честитке!



KIRSTIN + BEN from Flydidee Films on Vimeo.


What a joyous day!

This is exactly what fun Fall weddings should be. The crisp September air mixed with the warm autumn sun, and the excitement was tangible throughout the beautiful grounds of CD & ME. Bill and I arrived in time to set up for a First Look between the bride and groom - one of my favorite traditions to capture on film. Kirstin arrived in a super rad antique car and headed right over to her handsome groom. They were smiling so hard, that their faces may have actually hurt a little bit - though, if they did, I doubt they noticed.

The outdoor ceremony was heartfelt and perfectly suited to this fun, easy-going couple. Readings by Kirstin's brother and Ben's sister, along with the wonderful storytelling of their officiant made everyone grin from ear to ear. The same could be said about the fabulous reception. After a humorous cake cutting, several beautiful toasts were given to start off the evening right. Once the delicious dinner wrapped up, the dance floor opened and the energy skyrocketed. The venue literally opened up the walls of windows and let the fresh air in and let the music blast out. Those who weren't moving their dancing feet visited the bar or sidled up to the giant fire pit outside. Bill and I even stayed past our contracted time because we were having so much fun capturing the bride and groom on the dance floor!

No doubt, Kirstin and Ben are two peas in a pod, and we were honored to be a part of their beautiful wedding day. We know they'll have many years of laughter ahead. Na Zdorovie!

P.S. Both Kirstin and Ben are Illinois State University Alumni, just like myself! Loved hearing their story of how they met - I knew all the places they talked about, like the Quad, and where Steak 'N Shake was. Go Redbirds!



We have to thank Megan at Lemon Twist Weddings for this awesome referral. Tiffany and Kyle are such a laid back, fun couple, and this totally showed through their beautiful wedding day.
The weather didn't cooperate at Chandler's (really cold rain doesn't work for an outdoor ceremony), but it didn't seem to phase the Froehlichs. Everyone was seated inside a room facing a wall of windows, which made it allllmost seem like we got to be outside without getting wet. The ceremony was calm and comfortable, just like Tiffany and Kyle. We loved the unique twist on the sand ceremony - alternating the different color sands in a photo frame. 
One of our favorite parts of one location weddings is the ease of transitions between ceremony and reception. Nobody has to drive anywhere! So, we really enjoyed hopping right into the gorgeous reception hall. Megan from LTI was right - Tiffany is a dedicated Pinterest bride! I've never seen a bride follow through on so many of her pins! It was very impressive - especially the flowers. The centerpieces were really stunning!
The reception just seemed to fly by, between the funny entrances by the bridal party, the heartfelt toasts, and the busy dance floor. One of our favorite parts of the reception was watching how much fun people had with the photo booth. That is a trend I hope sticks around for a long time. : )
Congratulations to Tiffany and Kyle. I can tell that you two are totally complementary, and I wish you the very best in the future!