STEPHEN + NATHAN from Flydidee Films on Vimeo.


You might say this is a given, as there have been no other weddings yet, but our first of 2015 has been my favorite.

My Uncle Stephen married his partner Nathan in a civil ceremony at the Chicago Cultural Center. (Side note: if you have never been to the Cultural Center, plan a visit.) My brother was their photographer and his fiance was our assistant. We met up with them in the morning to do a quick photo shoot, and the anticipation was palpable. They were excited, but in that very calm way. Like they were ready.

Oh! So. This was our first civil ceremony. My GOODNESS do you have to be on your toes when you shoot one of those! In the moment, Sam and I felt almost frantic in the rush of things - the ceremony lasted 2 minutes and 15 seconds - but upon reviewing the footage (haha) I got to experience just how joyful it was. Only 20 people could attend, and therefore, this was also the most intimate ceremony we'd captured. We got to know everybody, which was such a unique experience. Upon exiting the ceremony into the beautiful GAR Hall, they were greeted with applause from the other wedding parties set to wed that day.

We all headed down Randolph St. to Macy's for lunch in the Walnut Room. Stephen and Nathan headed the table and we all enjoyed a delicious meal together. Their friend Anne gave a fantastic toast, and an afternoon of conversation and photo taking began. Everyone had a really great time, and everyone was so happy for the newlyweds. Especially Thurston, their lanky legged pug.

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