MEGHAN + JOHN from Flydidee Films on Vimeo.


When we met with Meghan and John at a Starbucks a few weeks before their wedding, I instantly felt akin to them. Their love story was so similar to my own - they'd known each other since they were kids at school together, and they grew up together as friends and fell in love as they went along.

Meghan and John were clearly reflected in all the details of their day. Everything was classy, warm, and elegant. I started out filming at their house with the ladies, while Sam and Rob began with the fellas up in Chicago. The mood in the air was a very collected excited one - like they were both happy and ready. Side note: Meghan's two piece dress!? AMAZING.

After everyone was ready, we all headed to St. Ignatius, where John had attended school. They did their first look out in a beautiful courtyard and had a lot of fun taking photos on the track and football field. It was really fun to have the city skyline behind us the whole time!

The sanctuary was gorgeous. I don't believe we've ever set up a camera in a church's SECOND balcony! Beautiful ceremony for a beautiful couple, followed by a very fun reception in John's old cafeteria. (You'd never know it to look at it - it was so pretty!)

Everything was lovely, and we wish Meghan and John the very best!

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