NICOLE + NEIL from Flydidee Films on Vimeo.

When I think of Nicole and Neil's wedding, I think of family. I think of the joy of their ceremony, and how many smiles were on everyone's faces with Nicole and Neil's sons walked down the aisle. Aiden hid his face behind the ring pillow, and Mason was taking a snooze in his "Gettin' Hitched" wagon. Everything felt relaxed and familiar, with an underlying glow of excitement for things to come.

Nicole and Neil both wrote their own vows, and exchanged their rings, and marched out of the church beaming with happiness that they were now husband and wife. Everyone blew bubbles as they boarded the baby blue trolley and headed off towards their reception.

The party was a beautiful and informal affair. It felt like a visit back home. Everything made you smile from how lovely the decor was, and the comfort food and good company helped set you entirely at ease. The toasts were heartfelt - particularly from Brian, the bride's father, who had everybody tearing up.

It was obvious that Nicole and Neil were in their element, and were soaking up every minute of their milestone day. They were not shy about smashing cake in each other's faces, and were both all over the dance floor. They didn't even mind that we stopped to dance once or twice! ; )

There's no doubt in my mind that this union will last forever. Congratulations to Nicole and Neil!

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