NATE + BECKY from Flydidee Films on Vimeo.


Well, this is one we won't ever forget!

Sam and I went to high school with Becky, and have done a lot of theater work with her in that time. So, we were both really pleased to be given the chance to film her wedding day to Nate!

As the big day approached, Peter and I kept looking up the weather forecast. It brought us right back to the days before our wedding (as we also had an outdoor tented reception), and that nail-biting eventually gave way to a little sense of adventure. If it rained, it rained!

And rain it DID. We made it through Becky and Nate's beautiful ceremony at St. Joseph's in Manhattan without a drizzle. The doors swung open, and when Becky saw Nate, she couldn't hold back her happy tears. Their quiet excitement radiated in the front of the church, and it was a very happy ceremony.

We walked outside and watched a thundercloud juuuuust pass us by, and we thought we were in the clear. Everyone headed over to Becky's parents' house for the party, and just as the guests were arriving, the skies opened and the thunder boomed. It could have been one of those moments where you feel like the party was ruined, but that never happened. Everyone just popped off their shoes, rolled up their pants, helped move stuff out of the rain, got a little muddy, and had a grand time doing it. Becky and Nate even commented that they got engaged in the rain, so this was perfect!

Peter and I may have been a little biased, as so many things were reminiscent of our wedding, but we just loved everything. The two of us and Sam had a blast filming everything in the mud, from the wonderful toasts to the late night dancing.

It was a day full of fun, and we loved the whole day! Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Mullins!

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