ALBERT + TARYN from Flydidee Films on Vimeo.

Consider this your warning: Go grab some tissues. Not just one - that won't do. Grab a big ol' handful and brace yourself for these two lovelies.

I learned pretty much immediately upon meeting them that Taryn and Albert are both genuinely happy people. Like, down to their bones happy. And it's contagious. Sam and I shot a love story for them before their wedding and got to know them more personally than we typically get the opportunity to. We learned how they fell for each other and how they continually devote themselves to each other daily, and just how happy they are to be together.

I started filming on the morning of July 11 at Taryn's parents house, and could feel the excitement in the air. Taryn was radiant. I gushed and gushed over her dress (UGHSOPRETTY) and had a blast working with photographer Megan from Lemon Twist Images. Once we headed to the church, the girls hid away and the boys came out to play.

Albert is a firecracker, and his friends all match his enthusiasm and zest for life. Peter, Sam and I were all struggling not to audibly laugh when our cameras were recording. I know that all of the grooms I've filmed have been happy and excited for their wedding day, but none quite so visibly as Albert. His joy overflows - to the point that even the priest centered his message around "tears of joy."

The big moment came when Taryn turned the corner and she and Albert saw each other for the first time. I believe everyone witnessing their excitement could feel the energy in the air, and everyone was smiling. Or crying, if you're Albert ;)

Their vows choked us up, as did their big heartfelt kiss. It kicked off an evening of celebration, and we were off to CD&ME in Frankfort to party under the big tent. The decorations were perfect - yellow, bright, happy, beautiful. I especially loved their cake topper - two porcelain birds. Everyone enjoyed an array of toasts before a delicious dinner, and we at Flydidee were stoked to have their Love Story screened for the guests before the dance floor opened up. Ha, "opened up"...more like "totally exploded!" I'm pretty sure that 95% of the guests were dancing at several points in the night - pretty unprecedented! And did I mention that a bunch of them break dance? Yeah. It was an awesome party.

So, have those tissues ready! Congratulations, Taryn & Albert! I have no doubt that you'll love long and so very happily together

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