I love it when high school sweethearts tie the knot. There's this underlying layer of total comfort and ease to couples who have been a pair for years and are taking the next step - which doesn't even have to feel like a big step to them! It's just the right one. I remember that feeling well, as my husband and I were together for 8 years before we got married : )
We met Dan and Kate last year at Dan's sister's wedding, when we filmed for Carrie and Tim. So, we were super excited when we learned we would be continuing our work with the Jilek family! The day began with the preparations with the bride and groom. I followed Kate around and enjoyed the (quite!) warm morning working with Jennifer Shaffer Photography capturing everything. Kate's twin sister Alison was a part of every stage of the morning (and even the adorably handsome family dog made an appearance!). The house was beautiful and bursting with joy. I particularly loved the moment when Kate's bridesmaids saw her for the first time. So many happy tears!
Meanwhile, Sam was over with the guys getting ready with Dan. All the fellas looked sharp in their black bow ties and it was a fun group to be around. The highlight of the morning was when the St. Rita bus pulled up and the driver surprised Dan by bringing along his state champ trophy from his football team in high school. The trophy tagged along with the groom and his groomsmen on the way to the church.
We were familiar with the setup for the beautiful St. Rita church and before we knew it, Kate was walking down the aisle to an ecstatic groom. Kate and Dan were both so happy and so at ease, and they made their vows to each other with total confidence. Father McCarthy even mentioned that Dan may be the very first groom he married that never looked at him during the vow exchange - he only had eyes on Kate. Once they were pronounced husband and wife, they made their grand bubble exit just before the storms hit. Luckily, the worst of it skirted past us and they only had to deal with a little bit of rain during their photo session.
Bill and I went ahead to Odyssey Country Club while Sam tagged along with the couple so that we could get all set up at the hall - what a great place! It felt so grand and so intimate all at the same time. Friends and family filled the room with laughter and conversation as the evening kicked off. Dan and Kate were introduced, cut their cake, and listened to heartfelt and funny toasts given by Kate's dad, Kate's sister, and Dan's brother. And just like that, the rest of the night took place on the dance floor! 
We loved working with such a happy, fun, easy going couple and we wish them every happiness in the future! Congratulations Dan and Kate!

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