TAYLOR + MATT from Flydidee Films on Vimeo.

My connection with Taylor goes back to even before I got married in 2011. Two of our best friends (my husband's college roommate Jeff and his wife Katie) got married three weeks before we did, and as my husband stood up as their Best Man, I captured their day as their videographer. Fast forward four years.

Taylor grew up on the same street as Katie and had seen their wedding video and knew that we would film her wedding day, whenever that turned out to be, even if it was years down the road. And so, when Matt put a ring on her finger, she booked us right away!

Everything about their day was so sweet and thoughtful. There were so many sentimental touches - like beautiful photos of grandparents on her bouquet, and a garter made out of her grandfather's tie. Even the date had meaning, as it was Taylor's parents' anniversary as well.

The ceremony was lovely, with beautiful songs sang by friends, and vows written from the heart. After a grand exit from the First United Church of Christ, they headed off to an evening at Christo's Banquet Center - both venues that hosted Taylor's sister Brittany's wedding five years earlier. I told ya - everything: thought out! : )

It was a lovely hall filled with personal touches. I personally loved the basketball everyone could sign at the entrance, and the awesome sweets table that people could take a goodie bag home from. (I didn't NOT snack on some Swedish Fish while filming the hall...just sayin'.)

We loved their sparkler send-off to seal off a wonderfully happy day. All the best to Taylor and Matt!

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