STACY + RYAN from Flydidee Films on Vimeo.


The Ranguettes were our very first wedding of the 2016 season. Sam and I got to take a day trip up to Wisconsin for the festivities. Traffic was tolerable (yay!) and the weather was gorgeous!

We arrived at St. Paul's with plenty of time to get set up in the church and get some bridal prep. Stacy's gown was exquisite and her details were divine. The feeling in the room was one of anticipation and joy, punctuated by the cuteness of the kids in the room (we all really enjoyed Ryan's daughter Bree's commentary : )

The ceremony was traditional and lovely. The Lakeside Strings quartet was a beautiful addition to the service, enhancing the most emotional moments with their music. Stacy and Ryan exchanged vows and the new family of four poured the Unity Sand together.

After the ceremony concluded, everyone headed over to Legend of Brandybrook for a beautiful reception. While there were many fun things to remember about the reception (Royce's toast was the big tearjerker!), I think everyone will remember the surprise entrance of the University of Wisconsin marching band after the first dance. That is definitely a first for us! The band played and got everyone pumped up for a night of fun! Shoutout to Faith Photography - we had a blast working with them!

Congrats to Stacy & Ryan!

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