Surprise Party!

Photo: Sharing some love!

What a fun night of celebration! My best friend from grade school (we met in 6th grade - throwback to 1999!) recommended me to her mom to film the surprise party they were throwing for her dad. He turned 50 this week, and the party was definitely a hit. It was fun to visit with a friend who doesn’t live as close as I’d like, and it was even better to meet a lot of her wonderful family. 


Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Photo: The Willy Wonka cast enters the stage to sing the final song of the final act. It’s almost time for the bows!

I’m getting into the groove of things for how to edit the high school’s plays. This was my fastest DVD turn around yet. The play was the first week of November and the kids had their copies before Christmas Break!

I know this is supposed to be a professional blog, but I want to acknowledge my brother for his excellent job in the role as The Candy Man.  His performance was the gem of the show.


Meghan + Matthew


I loved every part of this beautiful day. My cousin Meghan and her betrothed planned a small, outdoor ceremony and reception on his family’s property. Back behind a vineyard, up and down a few hills, everything opened up into a large meadows where the events unfolded. It was gorgeous.

Beyond filming this wedding, my family was involved in the planning aspects as well. My fiancé, dad, brother and I were helping hands to my mother who did all of the floral work. So much of Meghan and Matthew’s day was homespun, it was an inspiration to my fiancé and I. We hope our day will be as lovely as theirs.

The day before the wedding, Meghan and my mom picked up buckets of flowers from a local farmers market vendor. Meghan’s photographer offered up their hydrangea bushes as well. Full blooms were everywhere.

Beautiful day, beautiful couple, beautiful time!


Katie + Luke

Katie and I became fast friends in college. We both attended Bible Study on Tuesday nights and found our different personalities to be complimentary; Katie always bubbly and outspoken, while I, quiet and reserved.
I always admired the way she and Luke stayed positive in their long-distance relationship (Luke is in the Air Force). Their wedding was such a wonderful thing to experience. Having a long-distance relationship myself, I feel like I could relate to their joy upon being joined as one. I reacted more emotionally to this wedding than I have in the past - probably because I’m so excited for my own.
It was a beautiful ceremony, intimate and fun. Closest family and friends were in attendance, and I can easily assert that everyone had a wonderful time.


Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Photo: Peotone High School’s cast of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat during the final song.

Finally finished archiving the most challenging, most fun project I’ve done in a long time. Peotone High School’s production of Joseph was fantastic, and now the school has the archival DVD to remember it by. I’ve never used four camera angles before, so this was definitely a new standard I’ve set for myself!


Carolyne + Walter

Photo:Carolyne and Walter’s wedding album in the foreground with a framed wedding photo in the background.

Carolyne and Walter celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on August 15th. It was a very relaxing evening in an upstairs restaurant, where friends and family of the couple came together to celebrate. Laughter permeated the air the entire night as the music played, dinner was served and stories were told.


Adam + Amanda

Confession: I did not film this wedding. But I did edit it! Adam and Amanda got married the same day as Jenny and Wayne, and since Jenny and Wayne booked me first, I was on the film crew at their wedding and I had a second team film Adam and Amanda's. 

I did catch the end of their reception and it looked exactly like what a wedding should be. Everyone was dancing, having a blast, and the couple was on Cloud Nine. I could tell the footage was going to be wonderful to edit, and I was not disappointed.


Jenny + Wayne

Jenny and Wayne got married on the same day as another couple I filmed. It's the first (and so far only) time I've had to hire two teams of videographers in one day.

They had an intimate ceremony with beautiful colors and flowers. It was a very relaxed day with good food, good times, and good memories.


Cherie + Dale

If weather ever was a factor in someone's wedding day, it was Cherie and Dale's. Gorgeous morning spent at the salon, followed by a pretty drive up to the Westin Chicago...taking pictures outside at the ceremony site, and the sky starts to gray. We make it inside just before the heavens open up and rain pours down. Wind and torrential rain blew through - it's a good thing Cherie and Dale had a Plan B! They didn't sweat it, and had the ceremony in a meeting room with lots of windows and sunshine.

Their reception was unique - a mutual love of all things Hollywood gave the party a Movie theme! So much fun, such wonderful people. I had a wonderful time filming this couple.


Jennifer + Steve

Wedding Number Three. 

At this point, I felt I was getting into the groove as a videographer. Jenn and Steve had a lovely ceremony (I loved her flowers!) followed by one of the most fun   I've been a part of. They had met at a local bowling alley, and decided to get a series of photographs taken there after the wedding!

They had a gorgeous reception hall in Indiana, and had beautiful weather considering it was July. The giant windows in the hall faced the sunset, and since it was so near to Independence Day, every now and again we would see fireworks in the distance.


Kara + Brian

Thirteen hours of tape edited down to two. That's the first thing I think of when I look back at Kara and Brian's wedding. I had three cameras and wanted to make sure I got everything documented! Needless to say, I had more than enough shots to choose from. 

It was an unusually cool April day - definitely breezier than most. But, the bride was radiant. I kid you not, her smile warmed the room. I was able to spend the entire day with her, from her getting her hair and make up ready until they made off in their get-away car. It was such a wonderful thing to watch. I can tell the love this couple has will withstand any storm.


Amanda + Paul

Amanda and Paul - my first couple! I was still tinkering around learning some editing software when Amanda asked if I'd film their wedding. The thought to film weddings had never even struck my mind up until that point. I thank them for believeing in my creativity, and for inspiring me to continue in this venture.

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